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At Oneday College, our primary objective is to make the principles and habits of world-class entrepreneurs accessible to all, empowering a new generation of value creators to shape the future. Through personalized one-to-one mentoring sessions, our students engage in experiments on the Oneday Launch Platform. Each completed experiment and task assigned by mentors contributes credits towards earning an MBA degree. By successfully completing a range of experiments spanning product, marketing, and finance, students achieve their MBA degree, making Oneday College a unique and experiential path to academic and entrepreneurial success.


Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration


Richard Jewell

CPO at Oneday - where we are democratising entrepreneurship - building the world's most practical university.

Our mission is to create an alternative to university for the 50% of society who dream of something more than a corporate career. At Oneday we provide aspiring entrepreneurs with experienced business mentors, a rich community of same-stage founders and all the inspiration they need to turn their idea into a business.

Academic board members

Peran David Milyan Mils Hills

Dr Mils Hills is an Associate Professor of Security at the University of Northampton. He has previously held posts in the Cabinet Office and Ministry of Defence leading efforts to build national resilience and counter asymmetric threats.

Shahnaz Ibrahim

Clinical Associate Professor at the Department of Managerial Studies, College of Business Administration, University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), United States.

My research focuses on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) in developing countries. Employing a qualitative approach, I investigate CSR practices of SMEs from a multi-level perspective. I highlight the use of social capital for creating competitive advantage through CSR. My research is interdisciplinary at the interface of strategy and entrepreneurship and contributes to the field by demonstrating the situated and contextual dynamics of CSR in SMEs in emerging markets. By presenting my work at national and international conferences and publishing, I have started to establish a sound academic profile and international networks. My teaching focuses on the process of entrepreneurship from multiple bottom-line perspectives, social enterprises, and social innovation, sustainability and sustainable entrepreneurship, digital entrepreneurship, sharing economy, circular economy, and responsible leadership and management.

Faculty, Instructors and Professional Experts

Yashar Faranjani

Ari Olmos

Thea Brook

Supporting diverse early stage founders with developing their ventures. From early idea to launch and beyond, whilst gaining an MBA.

Gus Bartholomew

I'm Gus Bartholomew, the Co-Founder of Leafr, a vetted marketplace of top-tier freelance sustainability specialists.

At Leafr, we connect businesses with the talent they need to deliver their most pressing sustainability initiatives, be that overarching sustainability strategies, Life Cycle Assessments, B Corp certification guidance, Sustainability Software Procurement, or Emissions Calculations. The list is endless, but we have specialists for most companies' needs. Our mission is to empower companies with the talent, knowledge and resources needed to make impactful sustainability decisions.

My foundational entrepreneurial experience comes from SupplyCompass, a B2B SaaS platform I co-founded solving product development and supply chain management for fashion and retail businesses and their supply chains. We raised £2.5m in Venture Capital funding (Episode 1, Ascension & Angels) and grew the team to 30 across the UK and India. This venture was not just about streamlining operations but also about instilling sustainable practices within the industry. I lived and worked in India full-time for 2 years and on and off for 5, visiting over 300 factories which was one of the most fulfilling and enlightening experiences of my career.

After SupplyCompass I honed my skills as a Fractional Exec/Consultant/Advisor to companies in the UK, US, Europe & Asia where I guided B2B & B2C startups and scale-ups in refining their Go-To-Market strategies. My focus was on building optimised processes and teams across Operations, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.

With a background in Civil Engineering and being a Chartered Surveyor in Project Management, my career has been a blend of technical expertise and creative problem-solving. My industry experience spans across diverse sectors, including Supply Chain, Fashion, E-commerce, Retail, Sustainability, and more, embracing technologies like AI and SalesTech.

Fatima Dicko

Founder & CEO of Sugar, a venture-backed technology company that helps apartment residents feel more at home. Sugar has raised over $3.5M in VC funding from some of the leading investors in the proptech sector. Prior to Sugar, I worked as a senior product engineer at Procter & Gamble on the upstream innovation team for Olay, Covergirl and Gillette.

Brian Meece

I am currently spearheading the growth of GreenlightGO, an enterprise space marketplace for content creators. At GreenlightGO, we empower professional creatives to bring their visions to life with curated facilities and services, enabling production anywhere, anytime.

In addition, I am mentoring early-stage startup founders through Oneday, sharing insights to help them navigate the startup landscape as they earn an MBA.

In my past role as a co-founder, I led a team in creating and scaling an alternative funding platform, which was later acquired in a deal valued at $15MM. Subsequently, I served as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Citi Ventures incubating new business ideas.

Greg Monterrosa

As a professional with a passion for entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development, I am dedicated to supporting and advancing these areas. Throughout my career, I have actively contributed to the startup ecosystem and played a pivotal role in driving business growth.

As an Executive in Residence (EIR) at the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), I have the opportunity to work closely with startup founders in scaling their businesses. Guiding them through our various programs, including the Founders Business Accelerator and the Innovator Program, I provided strategic coaching and support in areas such as strategy, sales, marketing, leadership, and finance. I also played a crucial role in reviewing new applications and identifying potential candidates for our Incubation and Market Access Program.

In addition, I served as a Venture Scout for The Venture City, actively seeking pre-seed SAS and marketplace startups globally. Identifying and connecting these startups to potential investments, I contributed to the growth and success of early-stage product-centric software companies.

One of my significant accomplishments was co-founding Hub101, a startup center and coworking space in Westlake Village, California. With a mission to encourage businesses to "create, launch, and grow," I helped bring the idea to life and fostered collaborations with government entities, non-profit organizations, and for-profit companies. Through regional events, we facilitated interactions between our founders and these entities, promoting knowledge exchange and supporting their entrepreneurial journeys.

Throughout my career, I have been recognized for my contributions to the community and higher education, receiving certificates of recognition from various esteemed institutions. These accolades are a testament to my commitment to making a positive impact in the regions I operate.

With a track record of success in business development, partnership building, and talent nurturing, I am well-positioned to leverage my skills and expertise in supporting the growth of startups and fostering innovation. I thrive on connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations to create meaningful and lasting impact in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Bilal Memon

Bilal is the Founder & CEO of Rewind Bar, a retail medical spa launching in early 2024 that's aimed at making luxury laser and skincare treatments affordable and transparent for everyday people. Prior to Rewind Bar, he was the Global Head of Marketing at CEX.IO, a crypto exchange with 5M+ users as well as the Fractional CMO of various Seed, Series A, Series B companies across Consumer, Media, Fintech, B2B/B2C SaaS, Education technology, and more.

Bilal also founded two companies which both have been acquired; Master the Crypto, a media company aimed at simplifying crypto investing to the masses, and My Life Is Desi, a South Asian content platform to share curated stories, inspiration, and more (over 4MM+ users/month). He has raised millions of dollars in capital, spent close to $70MM+ on paid ads across his career, and have directly managed teams as small as 3 to as large as 70+.

Ryan Tubbs

In our rapidly shifting landscape, the "normal" of work has been redefined. In fact, with the classic definition of "normal" - conforming to a standard, typical, or expected - there is and will be no more normal of work. My stint at Microsoft, surrounded by tech luminaries, served as a potent reminder of the delicate balance between our human need for structure and the ever-blurring lines of innovation and human ambition. From navigating the complexities of tech behemoths to the dynamism of startups, I feel I've been at the epicenter of transformative work experiences.

Today, as the co-founder and resident change management specialist at BillionMinds, I am part of a mission greater than any single role: to help individuals across the globe master the new normal of work. With distributed workplaces becoming commonplace, we find ourselves navigating more unstructured and ambiguous terrains than ever before. This new reality demands a fresh set of skills.

BillionMinds isn't just another platform—it's a culmination of 3 years of intensive research into what makes individuals excel in fluid work environments. Combining the scientific principles of experiential learning and organizational change management, we aim to embed sustainable modern work soft skills, integrating seamlessly into daily workflow, all in just a few minutes each day. Our approach? It isn't about teaching a monolithic "right way," but rather assisting people in uncovering the methods, habits, and routines that resonate with their neurodiversity while aligning with team, company, and family norms.

Every human interaction is a gift, and I'm here to learn with you and from you.

Muhannad Taslaq

Passionate CEO, Entrepreneur, and Investor dedicated to fostering innovation and driving business growth. Committed to crafting extraordinary ventures! Currently serving as an advisor for the development of Jordan's innovation strategy, I focus on empowering research, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Actively involved in building a resilient ecosystem that seamlessly aligns the private sector, universities, and the government in Jordan. I also contribute to the startup ecosystem as an angel investor and board member for several startups in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, I mentor and teach startups in the USA and UK through an innovative MBA program called OneDay. Beyond my professional pursuits, I share my expertise through entrepreneurship education. My journey into the world of technology was sparked by a profound fascination for its transformative potential across various industries. From exploring realms like gaming, 3D printing, and health-tech to the current focus on AI, I specialize in propelling product innovation, ensuring exceptional customer service, and maintaining operational flexibility. Distinguished accomplishments include successfully raising $50M from high-profile investors in the USA and Asia, active participation in major tech accelerators, securing licensing deals with renowned gaming companies, negotiating strategic partnerships, and the successful exit of my company into Integral Reality Labs.

Stephanie Melodia

Callum Adamson

Serial Entrepreneur and CEO focused on building industry changing B2B businesses. AI Expert in Residence at Imperial College London.

Ben King

Skipper and CEO of Pesky Fish, working alongside an amazing team to feed the world sustainably with seafood. Techstars London Alumni 2018.

Iasha King

Iasha is a dynamic operator with experience in executive leadership and consulting. Areas of expertise include startups, fundraising, pitch deck creation, strategy and innovation, PR and operations.

Iasha currently works as an Innovation Analyst at VentureFuel helping corporations fuel their innovation and become commercial ready faster. She also works as a Startup Mentor, helping founders around the world launch or grow their startup in different industries.

Iasha has a unique experience of working with non-profit and for-profit companies, as well as experience living abroad for several years. With a background in human rights, she is able to bring together both hard and soft skills to help solve some of the most challenging problems that startups face while bringing new and diverse perspectives.

Past Co-founder of SOLO Secure and Go-SOLO

Go-SOLO: A personal health and safety app that helps keep users safe 24/7, anywhere around the world, while allowing users to own and control their data.

SOLO Secure: Personalized health and safety tools

Linyun Qiu

My mission is to deliver outstanding and exciting learning products to empower a diverse group of future leaders at the start or midpoint of their career.

I am inspired by a meaningful life of learning and I believe in the tremendous potential of the post-pandemic revolution in the way we learn and work.

Josh Cook

Advisor, GTM Sales Strategy, Strategic Planning, Real-estate Investor.

Remote Team Building, Growth, Diversity Equity Inclusion, and Belonging, Avid Cyclist ride on 👍🏻and Adventure Enthusiast, Rv'er. I see team building, professional growth, and individual PEOPLE as the most important investments companies can make. People need to feel fulfilled, be challenged, and be appreciated to truly outperform and thrive.

I'm a first-generation college graduate, and an entrepreneur who's passionate and invested in growth. As a critical thinker, innovator, and a creative problem solver I look to data to drive decisions. I shape and execute growth strategies and operations for start-ups and emerging market sectors.

I believe in fulfilling dreams and "Body in Motion" which means that once you stop moving, learning, experiencing, growing, you slow down until you stop. I work and invest with people who are equally unique, and that share the same passions for life, adventure, and hard work.

Ryan Brown

As a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in brand marketing leadership, I have a proven track record of creating impactful and measurable results through innovative products, projects, and experiences. My passion lies in crafting exceptional experiences that inspire and add value for customers, employees, and fans.

Through my extensive experience in brand marketing leadership, I have developed a deep understanding of how to create effective and data-driven multi-channel campaigns, from B2B to B2C. I have led teams and worked with renowned brands like the NFL, Amazon, HGTV, DreamWorks Animation, CapitalOne, M&Ms, Cartoon Network, among others to imagine innovative and immersive experiences.

In addition to my professional experience, I am also an experienced advisor and mentor for startups, helping new entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of building and growing their businesses. I am deeply passionate about personal development, mental health, and creating employee experiences that enable people to thrive.

Highlights of my career include:

- Launching an award-winning non-profit youth theater company at the age of 18 which has empowered thousands of students over the past 20 years;

- Co-founding and leading the development of HubSpot Academy, which has educated and certified hundreds of thousands of business professionals;

- Conceptualizing and leading the initial years of HubSpot's annual INBOUND event, which now welcomes over 100k attendees and includes high-profile speakers such as President Obama and Oprah;

- Being privileged to serve as head of marketing, brand, and creative strategy for industry leading companies and teams as well as co-founding a start-up aimed at making mental-emotional fitness exciting and accessible for all.

As a creative and strategic leader, I am dedicated to fostering a positive and productive work environment. My leadership style is results-driven and focused on the wellbeing of my team. I am excited to connect and share my experience with like-minded professionals.

Andrew Allen

Hello, I'm a passionate, highly driven entrepreneurial leader, public speaker and ambassador.

I'm currently operating as a consultant, to both scaling businesses and corporates looking to engage the SME space in better ways. In addition, I’ve always got one eye on finding the next FT project I can become obsessed with. If you’d like to chat about anything of this nature, do reach out.

What really energises, me is driving strategic growth in businesses with a clear value proposition and a desire to use business as positive influence on the world.

My deep experience is in F&B, with the last 4.5 year focussed on the incredible progress in plant based products. I believe in multi-channel models, and have extensive experience across retail, foodservice, D2C and delivery.

And, having founded and run an advertising agency pre founding F&B businesses, I've a particular understanding of the power of brand.

Kenneth Ewan

Highly experienced CEO, entrepreneur, and leader. I led Wefarm from idea stage to become the world’s largest farming network with over 3.5 million users by 2022. Growing and leading the company from 1 person to over 120 employees, raising over $35m in venture capital and building a world-class, diverse company culture and team.

I have spent my entire career building successful businesses and organizations from early stage to significant growth and revenue, and all with mission, people and data at the heart of it.

Jonathan Slater

Founder, Mentor, Angel Investor. I love startups 🚀Most recent venture was CAPSLOCK (EdTech/Cyber). We raised £1m @ seed and scaled from idea to £3m+ in ~2 years, really enjoyed that journey taking a personal exit Q2 2023. Currently working with founders, accelerators, VCs, PE, & others in the startup ecosystem.