Dhruv Jawali

I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science from NIT Goa, and a PhD degree from IISc. As part of my PhD, I developed methods to learn filters, filterbanks and wavelet functions using machine learning approaches as opposed to the traditional way of designing them using math tools. I also worked on hybrid scattering networks for image classification, and deep unfolded networks for image processing. I love to work on problems at the intersection of deep learning and signal processing. I am an adept programmer, with experience working as a web and android developer. I am also comfortable with tensorflow and pytorch for deep learning. At Scaler, I have been working on improving my soft skills such as effective communication, teaching, and encouraging and inspiring people. My hobbies include playing the guitar, the violin, and strategy games.


Professional expert

2020 – Present

Courses taught

Statistical Programming

Statistical Programming