Kateryna Dikhnych

I have many years of diverse experience in education, which allowed me to successfully go from working in a school to teaching in a college and managerial activities in the Department of Education and Science.

My professional path began in the school environment, where I studied the basics of pedagogy and gained valuable experience in interacting with students. Subsequently, I decided to develop my knowledge and received a PhD degree, which became a key stage in my professional development. I worked at a college, where successfully combined theoretical knowledge with practical skills. My pedagogical approach was based on the use of innovative methods and the introduction of modern pedagogical approaches aimed at developing students' critical thinking and practical skills.

In addition, my work at the Department of Education and Science gave me a unique perspective on the education system. I actively worked on improving educational programs and participating in the development of educational projects. I have impressive experience in working with teams, where I contributed to the creation of a favorable working environment and encouraged the team to achieve common goals. My management and project planning skills help me create effective strategies to achieve success in the field of education.



2018 – 2021

doctor of philosophy

Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A.S. Makarenko

Courses taught

Optimizing Your Learning

Optimizing Your Learning