Antonia Ruppel

I am a Classicist, Indo-Europeanist and Indologist whose main practical interest is ancient-language teaching. After finishing my PhD on a topic in Indo-European syntax at the University of Cambridge, I was the Townsend Senior Lecturer in the Greek, Latin and Sanskrit Languages at Cornell University for nine years. Wanting a different challenge, I then taught those three languages at a secondary school in the UK (ages 11-18). I am currently working as a researcher on the Uncovering Sanskrit Syntax project at the University of Oxford. I am the author of The Cambridge Introduction to Sanskrit, and have been teaching large online Sanskrit courses based on this book and the various electronic resources I created to complement it. I am currently working on a Sanskrit Reader intended to offer those with basic Sanskrit an easy and painfree path towards reading fluency.

University of Oxford



2002 – 2005

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics

University of Cambridge


Lektor in Sanskrit

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

2020 – Present

Research Assistant, 'Uncovering Sanskrit Syntax'

University of Oxford

2019 – 2022

Teacher of Classics, Head of Sanskrit

St James Senior Boys School

2014 – 2022

Senior Lecturer

Cornell University

2011 – 2014


Cornell University

2005 – 2011