The Woolf Quality Assurance, Enhancement, and Technology Alignment Committee (QAETAC)

QAETAC is tasked with promoting a culture of excellence that reflects the Woolf QA policy in line with the Woolf Mission Statement. QAETAC is responsible for ensuring that policies will lead to higher quality outcomes for students and faculty members across all levels of the institution.


The committee responsible for monitoring and improving quality across the institution is the Quality Assurance, Enhancement, and Technology Alignment Committee (QAETAC). QAETAC is composed of two Faculty Representatives elected by the Faculty Council from the membership of the Faculty Council; student input, which is invited by the Faculty Representatives on the basis of student surveys; the Head of Institution (ex officio); the Secretary of Woolf (ex officio); and the Advisor for Equality and Diversity, appointed by the Head of Institution. The Committee passes its recommendations directly to the Board of Directors, except where the committee determines that a vote must first be proposed in Council. The committee holds regular meetings twice per year, and extraordinary meetings once per month, at the discretion of the chairman of the meeting.

Portrait photo of Dr. Joshua Broggi

Dr. Joshua Broggi, PhD

Rector and Head of Institution

Chief Administrator

Portrait photo of Dr. Courtney Nimura, PhD

Dr. Courtney Nimura, PhD

Diversity Coordinator

Portrait photo of Dr. Jason Jones, PhD

Dr. Jason Jones, PhD

Data Officer,
Compliance Officer

Portrait photo of Dr. Glen Hicks, PhD

Dr. Glen Hicks, PhD

Curriculum Quality
Assurance, Secretary